Ark Landing Place

39.740293,44.261245   (View 2005)

Mt. Ararat. Ark Landing Place. Near by the crater.

The rectangle of Noah’s Ark. Near by the yellow marker, we found Noah’s left wall.

If you want see the rectangle of Noah’s Ark in Google Earth, please copy and fill in:

39.740293,44.261245        Please take the view from 2005.

With the tool „ lineal“ you can measure the ark. (300 x 50 cubit = 135 x 22,5 m)

1 cubit = 0,45 m.


In front of the majestic snow-capped Ararat.

The arrow shows the place, where we found the wall.

If you want to visite the Ark, you can fly to this place with an helicopter.

In the foreground are cans from turkish soldiers. They did not realize, 

that they were sitting on Noah’s Ark.

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