Mount Horeb

Mount Horeb, Sinai. Exact coordinates for Google Earth input:  28.545792 33.946061

Just as God showed us Noah‘s Ark in 2011, so also in 2017 the holy mountain Horeb, where Moses received the 10 commandments on the top of the mountain. 

While creating a video about the children's of Israel movement from Egypt, I noticed that in books, Internet,
and also in the Bible, there were no reliable statements about the so-called Mount Moses (Mount Sinai).

God called it Mount Horeb. 

Therefore, in the bible code under the keyword "Mount Horeb", I entered the coordinates of the mountain from which people think for thousands of years it would be the right one.

In Google Earth he is called "Mount Moses (Gebel Musa) / Mount Sinai"

The coordinates are: Longitude 28 ° 32 N, Latitude 33 ° 58 O.    

In the bible code, the degree of longitude 28 ° 32 N was mentioned, but not the latitude 33 ° 58 O, hence,
this is the wrong mountain.

So I went on with Google Earth the search for the right mountain Horeb.    

By 2016 one would not have had the chance to see the mountain because of the inaccurate pictures, but since 2016, sharp images with a very high resolution are visible, where almost every detail is visible. When I was exploring, I suddenly saw a wonderful mountain, the top of which was designed by God like the wings of a cherub.

Then I realized immediately, it can only be the holy mountain Horeb. 

February 2017 God showed us the necessary data in the Bible Code so that we could find the holy mountain Horeb in Google Earth. 

There is no other mountain on the whole earth whose summit was shaped by God as the wings of a cherub.

God’s words in the Bible Code.

God’s words in the Bible Code.

God’s words in the Bible Code.

God’s words in the Bible Code.

Since God also gave us the date of April 2017 for the discovery of the mountain in Sinai and the assurance that we will be successful we made our way to organize the trip to Egypt.

On 4/28/2017 we flew from Düsseldorf directly to Sharm El Sheikh.

Sharm El Sheikh Airport

From a driver of the Bedouin Camp we booked, we were picked up from the airport as promised and driven
to St. Catherine to the camp.
The driving time is 2,5 hours, passing some control points, where we were checked by the police and soldiers again and again by passport. At Bedouin Camp we were greeted very friendly.
My wife and I felt as if we had been part of the family for a long time.

Bedoin Camp

On 4/25/17 we visited the St. Catherine monastery , guarded by soldiers and policeman.

St.Catharinen Kloster

Since God in the Bible Code had stated the 27th of April 2017 very often, I wanted to go on that day at 8 o'clock on the mountain Horeb.

This was my idea and not demanded by God.
But it came differently than planned.


In the night to 4/27 at 1 o'clock was the police at our mountain guide and had forbidden him to go with tourists to Mount Horeb. It was a precaution of the Egyptians, because a few days before our arrival in front of the Monastery a police officer was shot by IS terrorists. He made me an offer to go to the right of Mount Horeb to go to a neighboring mountain. I agreed and we left. The path used was covered with huge rocks fallen from the mountain and very difficult to walk. Since it was not clear whether we could see the summit of Mount Horeb from there, I stopped the tour later.

I assume that at Moses times the path was still not so spilled and therefore easier to go.    

Horeb Steine

I was disappointed because I was delighted  to be up on the mountain where Moses received
the 10 commandments from God, but I do not know if I could have done this effortat a age of 71.
My wife was glad that we were safe back in the camp.



At around 16 o'clock my wife and I went again to the foot of Mount Horeb to pray to God and create
photos and videos. 

We did not notice anything extraordinary.

But when we were back in the camp and looked at the photos, we were happily surprised. As confirmation that we were standing before the right mountain Horeb, God has given us a clear sign. In the photo is a beautiful cherub, formed with clouds, in logical consequence to the peak of the sacred mountain with a cherub wing.

When I took the picture, I did not see the cherub. But God knew exactly when I made the picture and when the cherub had to appear in the sky so that it could be preserved for posterity.

God is omnipotent and knows all things in advance.

Original image 4/28/2017, 4.40 pm

Horeb, Cherub Gustav Fey

Cherub, Detail enlarged

Horeb, Cherub Detail, Gustav Fey

St.Catherine, in front of Mount Horeb, April 2017.

St.Catherine vor Horeb

Reconstruction of the Tabernacle with the tents of the children of Israel.


Then Moses said, The people, among whom I am, are six hundred thousand men on foot; and you have said, I will give them flesh to be their food for a month. Are flocks and herds to be put to death for them? or are all the fish in the sea to be got together so that they may be full?

And the Lord said to Moses, Has the Lord's hand become short? Now you will see if my word comes true for you or not.

600,000 men, along with women and children, there were about 1.5 -2 million people.

These many people could only camp in one place for more than a year before they traveled: This place is today called St. Catherine, in front of the holy mountain Horeb. It should have been similar to this reconstruction.

Exodus, Israel in front of Mount Horeb

Here is an overview of the miracles of God, from the exodus from Egypt to the entry into the promised land.


Miracles of God


Aron's staff will be a snake  Exodus 7:10–12 

The Ten Plagues:

The water that was made to blood  Exodus 7:20–25

Frogs  Exodus 8:1–11  

mosquitoes  Exodus 8:12–16

Insects  Exodus 8:16–20

Murrain  Exodus 9:1–7 

Ulcers (bumps)  Exodus 9:8–12 

Thunderstorms and heavy hail  Exodus 9:14–26

Locusts  Exodus 10:1–15

Darkness  Exodus 10:21–23

Death of the firstborn  Exodus 12:29.30

The division of the Red Sea  Exodus 14:21–31

In the desert:

Make the water of Marah drinkable  Exodus 15:23–25

Manna from heaven  Exodus 16:14–35

Water from the rock at Rephidim  Exodus 17:5–7

Death of Nadab and Abihu  Leviticus 10:1-2

The devouring of the murmurs through the earth and death Korahs, Dathans, and Abirams  Numbers 16: 25–35

The sprouting of Aaron's staff at Kades  Numbers 17:21

Water from the rock at Meriba  Numbers 20:7–11

The fiery serpent: Israel was healed  Numbers 21:8-9

Bileam's donkey speaks  Exodus 22:21–35

Crossing the Jordan   Joshua 3:14–17


Fall of the wall Jerichos  Joshua 6:6–25

The standstill of the sun and the moon  Joshua 10:12–14


Horeb, St.Catherine, Bedouin Camp

Horeb St.Catherine, Monastery

Horeb, St.Catherine


Horeb, St.Catherine, Center

On 4/30/17 we said goodbye to the nice crew of the Bedouin Camp. It was a very beautiful time.

The driver took us to an exclusive hotel in Sharm El Sheikh on Naama Bay, so we were closer to the airport on the day of departure.

On 5/1/17 we flew back to Düsseldorf with the certainty that we were successful, 
exactly as God had prophesied in the Bible Code.

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