Biblecode Description

The Torah (Five Books of Moses) can both be treated as a

sacred text in the usual way,

and as an encrypted text containing some kind of coded


These messages refer to the past, present and future of


All the important dates of human history are contained there, such as the moon landing.

Man on the Moon 

authentic, eagle, bold, afoot, abode 

Man on the moon  
is encoded from Numbers 19,20 - 27,1

at a skip interval of : 2044


Apollo 11
Moon, Eagle

 There is a keyword with the exact landing date of 7/20/1969


Arrival, Mankind, Moon,
Eagle, Lunar, Vehicle

is encoded from Gen. 26,21 - 32,13

at a skip interval of 1936



Since the beginning of the world, God knew that Americans would be able to land on the moon on 7/20/1969. Because God also knew, when humans would develop the first computers, it was also clear, when the first Bible codes would be discovered.

We are not alone, omniscient God is with us always, and knows exactly what we will decide in every situation.

Yet he has created us not as puppets, but as people with free will. 

What God and Jesus announce becomes real.


Jesus the Messiah         Word of God

Matthew 26:31-32

Then saith Jesus unto them, All ye shall be offended in me this night: for it is written, 
I will smite the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad. 

32 But after I am raised up, I will go before you into Galilee. 


Jesus the Messiah 
is encoded from Numbers 5:18 - 18:9

at a skip interval of: 3316                               

Both in the normal Bible, as well in the Biblecode which is a part of the Bible, God says 
Jesus Christ is the Messiah.


This is a clear message to the people who have understood nothing and mean to dismiss God's Bible code as the work of dark powers.

These people have difficulties with the fact that recognizing the codes is possible only by using a computer.

Over 300 years ago, Isaac Newton knew that there was a secret code in the Bible. However, without a computer,
he could not decipher it.

Even a genius like Newton was helpless without the calculation power of a computer.

Up to his death he did research, but his search failed.

The time was not yet right because God did not want the codes to become known at that time.

Eliyahu Rips, a professor of mathematics who immigrated from Russia to Israel, had greater success.

Rips was arrested in Latvia in 1969 due to his attempted self-immolation to protest the invasion of Czechoslovakia.

He removed all the spaces between the words in the Bible, thereby reaching a total of 304805 characters.

(Tora, 5 books of Moses)

The program first arranges the Tora into a continuous string of 304805 Hebrew letters, then it starts searching, either from the first letter of Genesis or any other starting point, skipping from letter to letter by the specified distance.

Then it starts with the second letter and repeats the skip search.

This is followed by the third letter and so on until it finds the word specified.

After entering “Apollo 11”, the computer returned a result with a distance of 27808 and counted the codes found.

If the key word is found, you can analyse all the words on the page to see whether there is a connection to the key word.

This work is laborious and sometimes takes days.

The software program converts the English words into Hebrew and searches for them.

The codes can be discovered only in the Hebrew Bible (Hebrew original text) 

If just one letter is removed or added, nothing will function.

The words are considered to be part of the Bible code if the letters are the same distance within the words.

This can be a small distance of 3 or 5 or a large distance such as 32716.

As with a crossword puzzle, the words can arranged vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

A birthday present from my sister-in-law was my first introduction to the Bible code.

Her present was a book by Michael Drosnin:

“The Bible code”.

At first, I thought it would be a useless esoteric book.

However, after studying the first few pages, such as page 13 where the murder of Jitzhak Rabin was prophesied in exactly the same way it happened, I recognized these are things that only God can know.

Yitzhak Rabin

 Assassin will assassinate, Amir  

Yitzhak Rabin
is encoded from Deuteronomy 2:33 - 24:16

at a skip interval of 4772

Eliyahu Rips, who had himself doubted the correctness of his discovery, noticed for the first time that he was absolutely right when the Gulf War broke out.

Prior to that point, he had discovered that Saddam would fire missiles on 1/18/1991.

With the impact of the first missile on Israel, he knew that the Bible code was right.

1/17/1991: the USA declares war on Iraq. Bomb attacks on Bagdad. In Israel, schools are closed throughout the whole country.

1/18/1991 Eight Iraqi Scud missiles fall in the area of Tel Aviv and in Haifa.

Fire on 3rd Shevat/ 1/18/1991

Fire on 3rd Shevat/January 18/1991

Missile, War, Saddam, Enemy

Fire on 3rd Shevat/January 18.1991

is encoded from Genesis 14,2 
at a skip interval of : 88

Saddam fires a total of 39 Scud missiles at Israel.

39 Iraqi Scud missiles caused great damage in Haifa and Tel Aviv.

1/18/1991: at precisely 2:01 a.m., eight Iraqi Scud missiles of Soviet design hit Tel Aviv and Haifa. Saddam Hussein has declared war on Israel. Throughout the Gulf War, 11,000 apartments in lsrael are damaged by missile bombardments. Of around 1,000 wounded, 70 require hospital stays; 13 people die of suffocation or heart attacks. Astonishingly, only one person is killed by a Scud hit.




Saddam  guilty 

Saddam guilty

is encoded from Ezekiel 16:53 - 40:6

at a skip interval of 6387

Dec. 30/2006, Saddam executed


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