6000 Years of Humankind  

– and What Happens Then? 

In the biology and history books you will again and again come across the statement that man has an ape origin. 
You will read about millions of years, in which our ancestors are said to have developed from a primitive form of life to human beings. 

But these are all just theories and assumptions of persons who deny God’s almightiness.
 As Christians we know that God wanted and created us as human beings. 

In biblical chronology we come across definite times designating the age of humankind.

The current year of Adam and Eve is

 2019 = 5780,

 the Jewish calendar counting from the beginning. 

So we count about 2000 years from the first human being, Adam, up to Abraham and from Abraham up to Nativity again 2000 years.
 Then a new era started, according to which we organised our computation of time. 
The many prophecies of the Old Testament are fulfilled. With the Messiah’s birth God gave the Jews and Nations new hope.

Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah!
From Adam up to Christ we count approximately 4000 years. About 6000 years passed by until today.

The question is: What comes now?

We are still living the time of grace, in which God calls man to His Son through penance and mercy. 
By the Death of Christ on the Cross, God opened the way to our salvation.
We as Christians proselytised to Jesus, our Lord, and are now waiting for His promised return. 
As judgment over our sin has already been consummated in our representative, 
Jesus Christ, we will not have to go before Court a second time.

“He that believeth on him [Jesus] is not condemned..... He that believeth in the Son [Jesus] hath everlasting life: 
and he that believeth not the Son [Jesus] shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.“ (John 3:18+36)

The congregation of Jesus is therefore not waiting for judgments or the great distress, but for their Lord Jesus Christ. 
Great distress and the events of the remaining time will begin once the followers have been translated. 
This is clearly written by Paul in Thessalonians 1:4+2:2. 
How can we look forward to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ if we knew that we would have to go through God’s Courts of Ire?
Those will come over the godless people as a revenge for scepticism. (2 Thess.1)

We have to clearly differentiate between two paths of salvation offered by God: 
The path of salvation with the terrestrial nation of Israel and the healing path of those who believe in our Lord Jesus, the Christ.
Every Jew believing in Jesus Christ will certainly belong to the followers of the New Testament, too.

Once the congregation of Jesus Christ is translated, the way will be open for the Antichrist. 
He will propagate peace and security on this earth for 3 ½ years and mislead man. (Dan.9+1 and Thess.5) 

The devil will be thrown out of heaven as written in Revelation 12. It will be sheer pandemonium on Earth then. 
Israel as a nation will risk severe distress.But the selected Jews will recognise the Messiah.
 As messengers of the forthcoming Millenarian Empire they will be preserved and saved during these times.
Let us think again: We must not simply push Israel with their divinely promises aside. Israel has a glorious future. (Romans 9-11)

 While horrible courts are ruling on this earth, God’s followers will be safe around their Lord.
 During this time peoples will wear themselves down on Jerusalem and the nation of Israel. 
Israel has been and will remain God’s eyeball. Jesus Our Lord will appear in the middle of the biggest war of all times on Mount Olive, 
and the latter is going to split. (Zachariah 14)
He will create a sanctuary for his harried nation. He will return with His congregation and with His saints to defeat His enemies and hold court.
Antichrist and the false prophet will be sentenced. Satan will be bound for 1000 years.

We call this time the Millenarian Empire which has already been predicted in the Old Testament, including in Isaiah 11 + 65. 
It starts after the return of our Lord Jesus in power and glory. God’s congregation will rule with Jesus Christ and stay with him forever.
 Satan will be released for a short time again to be bound forever afterwards. (Rev. 20)  

Biblical chronology, combined with today’s signs shows us clearly that the translation of the congregation is near.
 So we want to be highly alert.

“Are you ready when our Lord comes to take his family home?

Do you have the certainty of forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ and the certainty of everlasting salvation?

Take to the Bible. Read Romans 10:10–12 and admit that Jesus Christ is your Lord.

You will know what and who will come.

The most beautiful and most wonderful things are waiting for us!

Our loved Lord Jesus will return to take his congregation home.

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